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Changing your pillow is not just about not being gross, though that should be an encouragement. Along with your bed, your pillow plays a significant role in keeping proper spinal alignment while you are asleep.

By changing your pillows on a regular basis, you get to keep on enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep and prevent waking up with pains and aches.


As you sleep each night, your body sheds hair, skin and body oil that your pillow absorbs. As this continues to occur regularly, it can cause your pillow to have bad smell, though washing it on a consistent basis will avoid that.

Apart from the odour, a long period of these conditions will naturally invite dust mites to develop in your pillow. These small creatures add additional weight to your pillow and impair its ability to remain supportive long term. You should take note that dust mites are not dangerous rather they feed on your skin and are unsettling to think about.

Dust mites can worsen symptoms in people with allergies that it can get to the extent of affecting them when they sleep. Even if you try to eliminate it by washing it consistently, your pillow can not last till eternity. Our heads are heavy and bearing the weight of head every night will eventually wear your pillow out and make it to flatten in spots.


    You will know it is time to change your pillow if you observe any of the following listed below;

    • There are lumps in the foam or filter materials. They are easily noticed

    • Permanent stains from body sweat and oil. They are also noticeable

    • You wake up every morning with pains and aches, especially in your shoulders or neck

    • You wake up every morning being tired as a result of the aches and pains you got when sleeping

    • You also wake up every morning with headaches or are growing tension headaches

    • You also wake up every morning sneezing from dust mites

    • To regularly have to re fluff your pillow to sleep better

    • Supposing that you fold your pillow in half, it remains that way rather than expanding back out.

    In some situations, you need to replace your pillow for other reasons than it staying for a long time. Other factors that can have an impact on the length of time of your pillow include health conditions such as allergies or assuming that you have recently switched sleeping positions.

    For instance, supposing that you have changed from sleeping on your side to your back, you will need another pillow with a different height. Different sleeping positions needs different heights to maintain the spine, neck and head aligned.

    Supposing that you have allergies, you will need to change your pillow more consistently than the suggested life spans listed below as follows. Note; you will need to change it because you are the most sensitive to dust mites.

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    The rule states that you should change your pillow between 1 to 2 years. Though there are certain kinds of pillows that last longer than others due to the quality and construction of their materials. There are different life spans for pillows as they all have their time of use. These pillows will be listed below as follows;

    • LATEX – the life span is between 6 to 12 months

    • BUCKWHEAT – the life span is 1 year

    • FEATHER – the life span is between 9 to 12 months

    • MEMORY FOAM – the life span is between 12 to 18 months

    • DOWN – the life span is 6-12 months

    • SYNTHETIC DOWN – the life span is between 18 to 24 months

    • POLYESTER – the life span is between 6 to 24 months.

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    For you to reach your pillow maximum’s lifespan, you need to keep it by using a pillow cover and cleaning it regularly.


    Always know whether your pillow’s label is machine washable. Nevertheless, only pillows with down or probably synthetic down filters are washable. Other kind of pillow may have to dry clean or spot clean.

    Supposing that your pillow is indeed washable, it is advisable that you wash it every 6 months on the hot water setting. Make use of liquid detergent and put two pillows in the washing machine in order for it to wash it extremely well. Run your washer a second time on the rinse cycle without using detergent.

    Then, dry your pillow on low heat setting or on the air, and keep drying it until it dries completely. Drying completely means that there are no moist or damp clumps inside. Assuming that your pillow has shredded material for filter, fluff every day to help it maintain its shape. PILLOW COVERS

    Do not try not to use a pillow cover after adding your pillow case. A pillow cover with a zipper is best for enclosing your pillow, before you put on the pillow case. The additional buffer helps avoid some of that too much skin and body oil from getting absorbed by the pillow and inviting dust mites.

    Making use of a protective case is very effective that it can double your pillow’s life span. It is advisable to wash the cover between 3 to 4 weeks on a consistent basis.


    Have you ever imagined when waking up in the morning and you feel great. In our present world, there are certain pillows that can gently wake you up early in the morning. It is left for you to know the basics and to know your options.

    Pillows such as Casper’s 100 percent cotton cover, Tempur Pedic pillows are best for you if you aim at sleeping at different positions at night. OTHER THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PILLOW WITH REGARDS TO YOUR MATTRESS

    • Keep your mattress clean along with your pillow to get a better sleep. A neat bedroom with a comfortable pillow will make you have a great night which comes regularly.

    • You should also keep an eye on your mattress especially if it is no longer effective and supportive.

    • No matter how comfortable your mattress is, if your pillow is not well placed or is no longer effective, then you might be experiencing a bad night. people do talk about getting enough sleep but not sleeping comfortably will make you depressed and stressed out. Getting a comfortable pillow added with the neat mattress you have will make you get enough sleep.

    In conclusion, while you might be changing your mattress regularly, you also need to change your pillow because most of us fail to do that. Probably it’s because pillow shopping is baffling, or pillows are to too small enough to follow us through multiple moves. But there are more than enough reasons to change that, which you must have seen in the article.

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