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Do you usually find yourself very late at night, basking in the cool glow of your T.V or cell phone? If so, your sleep quality may be taking a hit. Numerous recent studies have discovered that these devices actually affect sleep from children and adults alike. What makes this an issue are using electronics in the bedroom. Here are a few stats showing the pervasiveness of the issue; • The National Sleep Foundation estimated at the 2014 Sleep in America poll that close to 90 percent of adults and 75 percent of kids has at least one electronic device in their rooms. • Also, the National Sleep Foundation at the 2011 poll discovered that in the hour before bed; close to 95 percent of adults consistently use electronic devices and other technological stuffs. • Growing children are more likely to use smart phones, play video games and use laptops while matured adults are more likely to use the Television. • Few research polls also discovered that 2/3 of adults take their smart phones to the bed. About 90 percent between the ages of 18 to 29 do this.

In addition, it has recently been discovered by scientists that our chronic sleep deprivation or sleep loss is connected to these electronic devices being given free will in our sleep space. A study published in the journal Nature by Harvard Medical School by Prof. Dr. Charles A, Czeisler, M.D., ph.D, showed that the artificial blue light emitted from electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets activates arousing neurons within the brain, avoiding people from feeling sleepy or falling asleep. Also, remaining tethered to technology up until bedtime and keeping devices in our sleeping environments resulting to high level access which do not only affects our ability to fall asleep but the quality of the sleep we get by affecting the body’s production of melatonin (the sleep inducing hormone). As long as the blue light argument is a focal point in the tech free bedroom movement, it is only better if we leave the bedroom for another which is only reserved for sleep.

  1. Ideally, your sleep environment should create a space that is conducive for you to sleep. For majority of us, it involves having a room in the home with a bed and that is cool, dark and quiet. It should be a space created for only sleep and sex. The room should also be preserved as an area only for sleep. In order to accomplish this, you must eliminate any type of electronics from the bedroom and you can start by; • UNPLUGGING THE TELEVISION AND ENTERTAINMENT DEVICES Begin by unplugging the television. Many of us enjoy sleeping while the TV is still on, but this can be very disruptive to your sleep. The TV can delay your bedtime and reduce the amount of sleep you get. As you dose off, the noise may also affect you if it remains on throughout the night. not only do you clear the TV from the bedroom, you also clear out your gaming systems, DVD player, Blu ray player and any other entertainment devices.

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    • SWITCHING OFF THE COMPUTERS After you must have removed all electronic devices from the bedroom, the next thing is to know when to switch off the computers. You simply power off the desktop or laptop and remove them from the bedroom. It is also advisable that you clear out your electronic readers like your Kindle or Nook. These devices are small, easily put into the bed and can easily be a source of distraction. Assuming that you wake up in the night and start your computer to pass time, you lose the relationship between your bedroom and sleep. Rather, it is a place where you stay awake at night and browse the internet. However, the exposure to low levels of light may affect your ability to fall asleep leading to insomnia. • PUTTING YOUR PHONES IN ANOTHER ROOM TO CHARGE Furthermore, it is better to leave your smart phones in another room when you go to bed. They are seen as a source of sleep disturbance in kids and adolescents with many of them chatting at night. if your smart phone sounds an alert of message, then it disrupts your sleep. If it is possible, you shouldn’t have any smart phone in your bedroom instead put your phones in the sitting room to charge overnight.

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    • ELIMINATE ANY DEVICES THAT HAS AN ON-OFF SWITCH Before showing that you will achieve today’s task. Is there any other technology that might cause distraction? Are there devices that will avoid you from getting enough sleep? You may need to clear out radios, alarm clocks, music players, power cord and any other stud that has an on-off switch. Make your bedroom an electronic free zone because your bedroom is for sleeping only and by eliminating them, you will only begin to get that healthy relationship between the space and he expected associated behaviour. BENEFITS FROM KEEPING YOUR DEVICES OUT OF THE BEDROOM, ESPECIALLY THE BED • YOU MIGHT PICK UP A BOOK RATHER THAN YOUR PHONE Supposing that you are not ready to fall asleep, then picking up a book rather than using a phone will not only cause loss of sleep but allow you sleep properly. From young adults’ novels to historical biographies, the written word gives your mind a single track to follow rather than overwhelming you with stimulating notifications. • YOU WILL PAY MORE ATTENTION TO YOUR LOVED ONE A loved one is certainly cuddlier than your smart phone, yet electronic devices in the bedroom are one of the main culprits when it comes to a couple’s sabotaged sex life. If you wish to prevent this technological connection which compromise real life connection, then you need to avoid it in the bedroom and improve the communication with your partner.

    • YOU WILL REDUCE YOUR RADIATION EXPOSURE While there is no conclusion yet on the links between cell phones and cancer, the phones do emit a form of electromagnetic radiation that can be taken by the body tissues located close to the phone. Some studies have discovered that such transmissions were probably carcinogenic and that risk becomes far more relevant during the time you are with the phone. The chances are low when the phone is disconnected from WIFI or turned off completely. • YOU MIGHT HIT A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF JOMO When you reach a technology hiatus, it makes it a lot easier to have at the present moment and forget all other stuffs going on in the world. Learning to stay negative to that regular link up gives you mental space to be with your own thoughts and provide some solitude before you hit the hay. • GET A BETTER SLEEP Just imagine about how many more Zzs you can log every night without your phone disrupting you from just how exhausted you feel. By setting a curfew with your phone, probably 30 minutes or 1 hour before going to bed and checking out accordingly, you give your brain the chance to slow down and cool down rather than stimulate it.

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