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Getting the right amount of sleep can be difficult when you are pregnant. Problems such as constant toilet trips, cramps, pregnant insomnia and overheating arise at any stage. Nevertheless, there are a number of pregnancy pillows on the market, that probably help you get a more comfortable night’s rest, both enhancing your sleep quality and quantity.

Before we go into the importance of pregnancy pillow for pregnant women or expected mothers, let us know what pregnancy pillow is and why you need a special pregnancy pillow.

Firstly, what is a pregnancy pillow?

They are large and supportive sleeping aids, similar to normal pillows, except they are created to help other parts of the body like pregnancy bumps, legs and backs. While some of the pregnancy pillows are designed to be used in a specific way, others can be adapted in multiple ways and when the baby is born, it can be used as a breastfeeding pillow support. In addition, Pregnancy pillows encourage pregnant women to lie on their side, especially on their left side becomes this enhances blood circulation and aids to reduce swelling of the legs.

  1. Do I need a special pregnancy pillow?

    Some individuals discovered that putting a normal pillow between their legs or assisting their bump whilst lying on their side will be enough to get a good sleep but supposing that you are not comfortable and you are regularly shifting to try and find a position that works for you, then you need to get a pregnancy pillow.

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    There are many different pregnancy pillows on the market, but in this article, we will be listing 3 special pregnancy pillows.


    These kind of pregnancy pillows runs the full length of your body, so you can put one end between your knees and it can assist your bump and rest your head on it. Some are U shaped which are created to assist your body while you straddle one side, with your head placed on the curve.

    • WEDGE PILLOWS These kinds of pregnancy pillows are smaller and affordable than other pregnancy pillows and are also designed to support one specific area which is either your bump or back. The wedge pillows are smaller and can be used to prop your ordinary pillow supposing that you suffer heartburn.

    The Wedge pillows can also be used to support your back once your baby has arrived during the time of feeding.

    • C,J and 6 SHAPED PILLOWS

    They are 6 shaped pillows designed to assist your bump, lower back and your hips. The C,J and 6 shaped pillow also support your head and neck.

    Here is a little more information on the importance of a pregnancy pillow and how it can aid you especially during your pregnancy.



    Getting the right amount of sleep is compulsory during pregnancy. Loss of sleep can have an effect on the baby and the mother too. Pregnancy pillows help the body to come to an optimal birth position by ensuring safer and less painful labour time.


    Sleep experts generally recommend pregnant women to sleep on their left side as the baby in the womb begins to gain weight. It should be noted that certain sleeping positions can affect proper blood circulation.

    With the support of a pregnancy pillow, a pregnant woman can keep her back and hip relaxed during sleep. However, a pregnancy pillow makes it simple to sleep in many ways that makes one very comfortable.


    Too much body fat during pregnancy can result to stress and pain to many body parts. The right pregnancy pillow can make little to no pain by giving the right amount of cushioning and softness needed to experience less discomfort during rest or sleep.


    One of the benefits of pregnancy pillows is that they are known to slow down body ache. In addition, pregnancy pillow reduce heartburn troubles and water retention levels. To top everything, these pillows can reduce person chances of snoring, so, pregnancy pillows can help to deal with discomfort during pregnancy.


    A pregnancy pillow or maternity pillow does a very good job of avoiding a mother from sleeping on her tummy. A pregnant woman can mistakenly sleep on her tummy and this may be a bad scenario for the baby.

    Using the pregnancy pillow in a right way can prevent a potentially harmful situation by avoiding the pregnant woman from sleeping on her tummy.

    "I just wish I bought a quality pillow earlier, It’s something I use every day 8-9 hours!" -Carleen


    • Like ordinary pillows, pregnancy pillows are made from other materials, but it is better to search for a strong and non allergenic material.

    • Though you might cherish softer pillows for your head, remember you should always select a firmer pregnancy pillow because it will not lose its shape for a long period of time.

    • Go for a pregnancy pillow that can be washed by a washing machine, which also has a removable cover in order for it to be clean.

    • Supposing that you are unsure what pillow might work for you, check around and know if your friends have one so that you can examine it out before you go to purchase it.

    • Supposing that you are tall and want to purchase a full body pillow, observe the length of the pillow and know if it is long enough to support your full body.

    • Also, supposing that your body aches when you get up in the morning, pay attention to where the ache is and try to give that part of your body additional support with your pillow next time you go to sleep.

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