5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Sheets Night sweats, a pool of bacteria and a rigged sheets economy

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- You have spent 8 hours on your bed every night which equates to about 2,920 hours in the past year or 122 days! Yet, you probably never thought twice about its importance or how it affects your daily life.

Your sheets affect your sleep immensely but not many people spend time thinking about it or thoroughly shopping for one. Mattresses... you'll spend countless hours, days or weeks shopping for these items. But the one you are actually touching with your whole body on every night most just kind of wing it. We have compiled the top 5 reasons why you should replace your sheets tonight and achieve a much cooler sleep, blissful morning and a happier life.

It is Filthier Than Your Toilet

That is right: people sweat up to 1 liter PER NIGHT or more! You have worked for 8+ hours, spent the day in the yard, sweat all day for hours, and now its time to jump into bed and put your face into your pillowcase and call it a night. This is the all-too-common scenario of how pillowcases and your sheets collect dirt, oil, bacteria and dead skin cells that can cause your face and body irritation.

The experts out there recommend washing your bedding as often as 5+ times per month. But even the most vigilant people skip washing bedding often and neglect to notice the dirt, oil, bacteria and other gross things from piling up in your bedding. There could be up to 5 pounds of bacteria sweat, dirt and oil in your bedding before you wash it. Have you ever noticed how it feels lighter after a wash? Sleepgram, a Los Angeles bedding company recently featured everywhere, scientifcally developed the perfect sheets that stay cool, repel bacteria and are soft as silk so your skin stays fresh.

It Is Causing Your Night Sweats

Bedding made from cotton becomes very hot very quickly. Furthermore, the people thinking they are doing themselves a favor getting 500, 800, or 1000+ thread count egyptian cotton are sweating the worst of anyone. High thread counts makes it so there is less space between the fibers and at too high of a level (over 450) makes the cotton act like a plastic trash bag and you sweat 10 times more. Furthermore, cotton absorbs like a paper towel so all the sweat and oil given off sleeping is absorbed from the skin leaving it dry and irritated; and a bed sheet that is exceptionally dirty.

Fortunately, Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets were developed exactly for this and use a rare bamboo sourced bedsheet that has the same properties and feel of silk yet breathes more than any other bedsheet material. This means the coolest sleep you have ever experienced, with the feel of silk, and is totally machine washable like cotton.

Washing - Antimocrobial

Speaking of washing your sheets. Sleepgram's silky bamboo sheets have special antimocrobial fibers that stop bacteria and germs from piling up like they do in a standard sheet set from a department store. Sleepgram sheets rest 7 degrees cooler than cotton, to reduce sweating up to 80% less so you and your sheets stay much cleaner. The bamboo sheets will also not strip your body of healthy oils and absorb like the paper towel properties of cotton.

Get that just washed feeling night after night with Sleepgram's Bamboo Sheets. Some experts say you would need to wash cotton sheets 15+ times per month to stay compeltely clean. Sleepgram Bamboo can be washed much less so you can sleep more and do laundry less.

Everyone wants great sleep, but not enough people take action to improve their sleep. That is why the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets were created. Now, everyone can see what it is like to sleep on a world class Sheet ($800 Retail Value) on any budget (Under $100).


That is right! You should not have a sheet set longer than 12-24 months depending on its quality, use, and care. It can cause blemishes and skin irritation to sleep on soiled or old worn out sheets for 8 hours night after night! People like to extend the life of a lot of normal household items, but the one you spend 122 days a year NOT one to mess with. Your sleep, energy, skin, and allergies are way too important to neglect.

Try a Sleepgram Bamboo Sheet Set and thank us later, they last a very long time. You have 100 nights to try it for a free refund if it does not dramatically improve your sleep.

"I just wish I bought a quality pillow earlier, It’s something I use every day 8-9 hours!" -Carleen

You Are Sleeping On Bad Quality

No matter how great you think your sheets may be, we are here to tell you that up to 98% of the cost of the product can be markup in this industry. A cooler bamboo sheet sourced only from the softest silky fibers located in a special region knows for this would cost $800-$1,000 in a department store or on Amazon. That's why they stick to cheap cotton and "high thread counts" to decieve the customers into buying cheap bedding.

Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets are less than 1/4 of what you would pay in a store! Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets removed the expensive middle man, the retail outlets, the overhead of a big corporation, and all the expensive branding and licensing fees associated with big box retailers. Designed, delivered and headquarted out of Los Angeles, they deliver you a $800-$1,000 caliber sheet set (the same most celebrities sleep on for their beauty sleep) for under $100! If you do not love them, you have a full 100 nights to decide for yourself and get a full refund. 100% Risk Free!

"The single best improvement I have ever made to my bed!" -Carleen

In conclusion, I highly suggest anyone to try this for yourself and love ones as it really can work wonders on sleep quality. If you would like to try the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheet Set follow our exclusive link below for the best price on the web!

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