These Antibacterial Cooling Sheets Changed My Sleep: No more night sweats, odors or Body Acne

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-"I woke up after the first night of using these sheets and was genuinely amazed!"

Are you tired of washing your sheets over and over again just for them to get gross almost immediately? You need to keep reading because this new product I tried had me waking up beautiful and blemish free! It's time to say goodbye to sweaty hot sleepless nights...

Hi, I am Kirsten Bails, and let me start by saying how hot and sweaty I tend to sleep. I wake up and my sheets are sweat stained and gross almost immedaiately after I wash them. They don't smell good, they no longer have that crisp clean feeling new sheets have and it makes me SO self conscious when anyone lays on my bed.

I tried sheet set after sheet set and nothing ever stayed clean for more than a night or two. I hated waking up feeling gross and tired after another night of sleep and knowing I can't get to the shower fast enough to wash the grime off. I always felt so ashamed and self-conscious waking up with another blemish on my body or face. Lucky for me, that all changed a few weeks ago when I found something I had never tried...

I have been working from home the past few months for a big technology company where we used to have all these awesome perks. So my boss sent us out a care package and one item in it were these Sleepgram bed sheets. What happened next truly amazed me!

These Sheets Are Self-Cleaning and Cooling

The second I touched these sheets I knew something was different, they were amazingly soft yet cool to the touch, like silk. They did not feel like cotton, and I later learned they are not cotton!

I woke up after the first night on these sheets and I felt amazing! It felt like I took a prescription strength sleeping pill, no rolling around in the night, switching sides, sweating, waking up an hour early...It was amazing. This kind of sleep never happens to me, I sleep okay but this was something I had not felt since high school. I felt mentally clear, energized and so refreshed I actually skipped my normal coffee in the morning and got a juice instead.

On the second night the bed was completely dry, I woke up with no new blemishes, and I wasn't running to the shower to wash the night grime off me. It was like I was sleeping on a cloud, so airy and crisp underneath me I never rolled over to go from sweat spot to dry spot.

What's The Big Secret?

That very first week I woke up feeling so well rested each day I knew it was not some fluke and had to be the new sheets. Later that week my energy levels stayed high, no 2 o'clock feeling, I looked so well rested even a friend complimented how great I looked which never happens! I definitely had no bags under my eyes or tired skin, just bright white eyes and an energetic rested yourful face, I looked SO good.

After this first week of sleeping on these sheets I realized it was the cheap cotton/polyster sheets that made me toss and turn so much becasue my skin could not breathe properly. At the end of the week, I swore I felt and looked 10 years younger. Makes me really wonder if sleep quality is directly tied to aging...

Everyone wants great sleep, but not enough people take action to improve their sleep. That is why the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheets were created. Now, everyone can see what it is like to sleep on a world class Sheet with no compromise.

5-Star Hotels and Luxury Airbnb's Have Adopted Sleepgram Already

After all my success I asked my boss how he learned about these sheets. Turns out, my boss is a family friend with the general manager of these 5-Star resorts in Las Vegas, Hawaii and Miami. He knew all about how these resorts are switching over to the ultra luxurious Sleepgram sheets because of the silk feel they have customers love. So my boss who owns a luxury Airbnb put them in his place as well and the response has been amazing. These sheets are huge in the industry now, but they sell out often and can be hard to purchase.

"I just wish I bought quality sheets earlier, It’s something I use every day 8-9 hours!" -Carleen


No matter how great you think your sheets may be, I am here to tell you that there really is nothing close to Sleepgram. I spend so much money on my skin, allergies, caffeine, etc. that I never thought sheets could truly change my life like these have. Try them for the 100 night free trial they offer and let me know what you think!

Sleepgram 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets are not cheap, but they are more than worth it!

"The single best improvement I have ever made to my bed!" -Carleen

In conclusion, I highly suggest anyone to try this for yourself and love ones as it really can work wonders on sleep quality. If you would like to try the Sleepgram Bamboo Sheet Set follow our exclusive link below for the best price on the web!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sleepgram supplies are limited, as they are only recently back-in-stock!

Update: CURRENTLY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE, Try Sleepgram today before they sell out... again!

Limit 1 per household


Carleen Sovig, age 53 says, "The best nights sleep I have ever had; no tossing or turning and waking up!"

"... Sleepgram is the absolute best product I have ever used for sleep. I thought my days of sleeping like a teenager were long gone. I can't thank you enough for this!"

Carleen Sovig
San Francisco, CA

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"I bought a pair of pillows for the master bed. No less than 2 weeks later, I had all 3 bedrooms equipped with Sleepgram pillows! I felt so guilty about my daughter's old pillow that I had to get more while they were still on sale."

Maryam Azwell
Austin, TX


"For the first time in forever I am finally rested when I look in the mirror every morning. I haven't felt this great in decades!"

Kristen Bails
Boulder, CO