Sleepgram SILK® is all the craze as of lately... and for good reason! (the studies will shock you)

There are many different types of nightly rituals people use to stay looking young - from nightly face masks to night creams, but do they ever work? Probably not if you're still using a cotton pillow case. Upgrading to Sleepgram SILK® will surprise you within days. Read more to discover why dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers and beauty experts highly recommend SILK® pillowcases on a nightly basis.

The problem with sleeping on cotton pillow cases is that it produces approx 45% more friction between your face and the pillowcase. When you put expensive face creams prior to bed time, all of your money just wipes off on the pillow. With SILK® you produce much less friction due to highest grade long fiber Mulberry silk (22 Momme thickness) we use in every pillowcase. Keeping your investment working all night long.

We know your face is the most important feature on your body so why not give it "an eight-hour beauty treatment every night." See why upgrading to SILK®, will be the best move you've ever made.

Anti Sleep Creasing:

As you get older, the tightness of your skin diminishes causing you to have looser skin. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases cause excess friction pulling your skin creating creases. Although they disapper after you awaken, over time those creases gradually "set in" over the years. Using SILK®, this reduces signs of creasing, stretching and tugging on delicate facial skin.

Anit Aging:

It's a fact: silk is the game changer your beauty routine is looking for. With reduced friction from SILK®, you are able to retain your skin moisture reducing wrinkles and acne. Your natural oils belong on your beautiful face, not your pillow. Ugrade to Sleepgram SILK® for that daily morning glow you have been looking for.

Anti Bed Head:

Cotton pillowcases causes friction. Friction causes bed head & split ends. Why would you do that to yourself? SILK® created 45% less friction. Using SILK® equals less hair maintenance. I'll let you decide.

The Best SILK At The Best Price:

You deserve the most luxurious pillowcase - not at the most luxurious price. Sleepgram sourced the softest most durable silk with price in mind. Sleepgram SILK® pillowcases are 20% less than all the highest quality competitors. You spend 1/3 of your life on your pillowcase, why not invest in your sensitve facial skin. Costing as much as a high end bottle of skin cream, what do you have to lose... except bed head and sleep creases.

Choose your favorite color from Rose', Platinum, and Vanilla. We know you'll love Sleepgram SILK® we are offering you a 30 night Risk-free trial. 30 nights to try it or return it for a full refund. Talk about peace of mind!


*EDITOR'S NOTE: Limit 4 per household. Get the Beauty Sleep you deserve Sleepgram SILK®.

*Update: LIMITED SUPPLY AVAILABLE - As of , There Are 26 SILK Pillowcases Still Available!