What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Love Life

Guss Hansen - Monday, August 19, 2019 Wednesday, August 21, 2018

Whether you like it or not, you have to appreciate the fact that sleep is a naturally occurring state of mind and body which is characterized by altered consciousness. To many people, it might possibly mean just a thing, but to couples, it should mean quite a number of things—something extra. As couples, the need for you to understand the importance of your sleeping position is quite important. Hence, below are 10 things your sleeping position says about your love life:

1. It Brings Sweet Dreams

Since you cannot fake your body language when you are asleep, then it remains a fact that the way you sleep next to your better-half may reveal quite a number of things about your marital life or relationship. Hence, if you desire to work on bringing up sweet dreams while you sleep, why not begin by changing your sleeping position?

  1. 2. Back-to-Back Sleeping

    Whenever married people sleep with their backs turned against each other, what this depicts is that they are in an intimate and cozy relationship. Even while the two lovers are not facing each other, there still exists a strong intimacy between them as they are able to sleep with their backs touching. It’s not necessary that you get wrapped or cuddled up just before you could ascertain that your lover is behind you and watching your back.

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    3. Back-to-Back but very Far Apart

    Just in a little bit contrasting tone with the previous statement, anytime a couple sleeps back-to-back and far away from each other, this means nothing other than distress and discomfort in their relationship. Oftentimes, the reason behind this is usually not far-fetched. It is either because their relationship is still fresh or because there are issues that haven’t been settled between them. When there are extreme situations like this, it could only mean that you need to be independent of one another and settle your differences in all ramifications.

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    4. Sleeping While Facing Each Other

    When a couple sleeps by facing each other, it could mean that they’re a little far off distant from each other and they probably require expressing genuine feeling. This can be achieved if one of them moves closer pressing the pelvis of the other partner. Verily, this is an effective way to look the partner in the eye and discuss whatever issues they both have.

    5. Sleeping Intertwined

    Treatment is only needed when an individual fails to sleep either from physical or psychological difficulties. A specialist in this field will be able to give his client guidance and techniques that will enable him or her to get enough sleep.

    When couples’ sleeps in an intertwined position, it simply means that they cannot obtain the best out of each other. Such partners are so fond of themselves that they cannot but hold unto each other throughout the night. Fortunately, this speaks more about their love life.

    6. Sleeping while Facing Each Other without Touching

    When couples’ sleeps while facing each other but does no touching, it shows that such relationship is very emotional. Either of the couple may have the urge to make communications go further with their other partner. They should attempt getting into more conversations and talks when they wake up.

    7. Holding Hands while Sleeping

    When two couples are used to holding hands while sleeping, what it means is that they are in a healthy and comfortable relationship. Hand holding while sleeping is a sign that shows how willing couples’ are ready to get emotionally inclined together with a partner. It’s an effect that solidifies their love lives and keep their hearts altogether.

    8. Sleeping Intertwined Before Moving Apart

    If two couples’ initially sleep in an intertwined position before moving apart, then what this mean is: freedom and solitude! Luckily, this might be one of the most proper situations for a great relationship!

    9. Sleeping With Your Head On Your Partner's Chest

    Although, this sleeping position is regularly acted in movies, nonetheless, it has been found that such role is usually been replayed by new couples. Sleeping with your head placed on your partner’s chest is a great way to show a rekindled romance which speaks lots about your love life.

    10. Feet Touching

    If couples’sleep on bed with their feet touching, it signifies trust within their relationship. The feet are one of the last parts of the body to be touched romantically, so this position indicates a level of physical and emotional comfort with the other partner. Support Sleepgram below, the world's #1 Pillow with a 100 night free trial!

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