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Supposing that you have ever suffered from having difficulty before sleeping, you will discover that insomnia can be terrifying. You are stuck, and you cannot see the end of it. One of the weird things for me to get myself around was the terrible insomnia that I suffer during the early days of my diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

It is ironic that a sickness which enables one fell extremely weak and tires can also make the person remain awake at night. Truly, it has a lot to do with your body clock being out of sync with your body natural rhythms as well as your hormone levels, which is as a result of your natural need at this time for recovery and, so, getting the right amount of sleep is the best way to recover.

Usually though, there are many other things that can result to this. Things such as stress, worry, digestive problems, stimulants, high emotions and artificial lights in the bedroom or a noise that distracts one from sleep can all result to it. It should be noted that both our body and mind have trouble processing this, and so switching off can be tricky.

Well, I am happy to say that for the last few years, I have gotten the right amount of sleep needed to make me feel healthy and comfortable. I usually wake up refreshed and eager to go, unlike my sickness, i really felt worse than when I went to bed.

Insomnia is really bad for us, because a person could be sleeping in the hour of 11pm and wake up, before he or she will sleep again, it could last up to two or three hours, then spend until 5am trying to get his or her body back into a normal sleep rhythm.

Some of us will make researches, both on the internet or meeting sleep experts, but one thing you should know is that fiddling with your computer or laptop is clearly one of the worst things you can do for insomnia.

So, what are you expected to do to help get the right sleep rhythm and sleep when it is necessary so that you will feel super active the following day. Well, in this article, there are 15 major things to try supposing that you are suffering from insomnia. You shouldn’t doubt this because the information you will see below are all gotten from an expert in insomnia, so trust me on this one.

  1. Have a relaxing bath just before you go to sleep: if you must feel comfortable and relaxed when sleeping, then refreshing yourself from stress and weakness can help to falling asleep quickly.
  2. Constantly change your bed lines: supposing that you fall into fresh sheets, especially after having a fresh bath, well, you will certainly getting a good night sleep.
  3. Meditation: in this scenario, you think of something unrealistic for some time, gradually you will fall asleep as you are meditating.
  4. Supposing that you don’t fall asleep instantly, do not be hard on yourself because it will only make things worse. Simply acknowledge that you are feeling restless and need a rest.
  5. You can also walk around supposing that you are feeling restless. Some people use to grab a blanket, go to a peaceful surrounding, and curl up with a book. They will often find themselves ready for sleep about 20 minutes after they had forgotten about having sleep issues.
  6. Build a constant going to bed routine. In some people bedrooms, they do not have any computer or other gadgets in their bedroom, rather they use gorgeous herbal products to wash their faces, meditate, read books, or do other things that can make them fall asleep within a short period of time.
  7. You can also read a short passage from something uplifting and inspiring to calm you each night.
  8. You rub lavender oil on wrists and neck before going to sleep. Do not bother about the dots on my pillow or the comfort you might not get.
  9. You should not try to eat or consume foods when you are about to sleep. You will feel that you have to stay up later just to allow your food digest.
  10. Consuming too much drink before going to sleep at night can also unsettle you. For instance, taking a big cup of camomile tea just before to sleep can unsettle you, it can even lead to waking up at nights and running to the bathroom to pour out the drinks you consumed.
  11. Also, try not to have not only long conversations but stressful one. It can have a bad effect on you before you sleep.
  12. Another one is the temperature. The temperature in your bedroom should be normal. A temperature that is too cold or too hot can have a bad effect to you good night sleep. You adjust duvets or sheets as necessary.
  13. Another big problem that can affect ones good night sleep is the red lights from TVs or phones. It is better you cover them up, or better still, switch them off altogether.
  14. Reduce the level of caffeine you consume, or better still cut it out completely. You can have your caffeine before noon supposing that you can not resist it. Well, chamomile tea is a great replacement for caffeine.
  15. Lastly and most importantly, do not ever think of having insomnia. Do not let your brain remain awake because you have subconsciously told it you are expecting it to!

In conclusion, these 15 points listed above can certainly help you in some ways. The question for you today is how do you cope with insomnia?