Sleepgram starts with a sleepless night. Followed by another. And another. Logan's new bride couldn't sleep. Thousands of dollars and half a dozen mattresses later, only one thing was clear: the problem wasn't the mattress. Mattress companies will have you believe that their variations of the same mattress are the cure to your woes, when they couldn't be more wrong. The fix was simple: a customizable pillow that was soft and pillow-y at its core. At work the next day, he shared his story with Leo. The two friends had worked together at a company in San Francisco, and had started a successful marketing firm. Sleepgram was born with the mission to make sleep, and pillow shopping, a happy experience.

We believe that business can be honest and premium products don’t need fancy features and payment plans or crazy price tags. Especially not pillows.

See for yourself

Sleepgram was founded in 2016 by a software engineer and data analyst from Los Angeles who saw a problem with the current pillow industry and decided to do something about it.

Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Austin, TX
Availability: USA (all states), Canada

The Dream Team

Logan Newell
Leo Haury
Derek Schaefer
Business Operations
Alex Lambaria
Customer Experience