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The Sleepgram Difference

The problem with traditional feather pillows is simple. Fluffy down is too soft and feathers are too firm. Our three-chamber design fixes that by keeping down feathers at the ends of the pillow, and a blend of firmer feathers and soft down in the core. Flip after flip, your pillow stays perfect.

Nearly Perfect

The feather pillow isn’t dead, it just needed a serious face lift. We hit the drawing board over 25 times before we were satisfied with our pillow. The result: an extra-plush, soft + firm, breathable, cool-sleeping, fluffable, foldable, feather pillow. What did we call this new break-through feather pillow?

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  • Back to Basics

    Our three-chamber design improves pillows by keeping down feathers at the ends of the pillow, and a blend of firmer feathers and soft down in the center.

  • Sleep Cooler

    Down is regarded as the best natural insulator. The pockets of air created by the down clusters trap heat, keeping it away from your face, and add comfort.

  • Natural Materials

    The composition is simple: feathers and cotton. What's amazing is how we make that simple recipe so comfortable!

  • Built to Last

    Premium materials, thoroughly cleaned, mean you can sleep easier: our down-proof cover helps keep down inside and pests outside while remaining machine-washable.

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"My husband said, as we sunk into the pillows on our new bed that it was ‘like being at a fancy hotel.’ These pillows are fantastic and so comfy I will be taking these with me whenever I travel from now on! Other pillows just aren’t the same!"

"When I first heard about Sleepgram I just thought that it was another pillow. I decided to try out their two pack option after hearing about how comfortable they were from a friend. Boy, was I not disappointed. I’ll be replacing my kid’s pillows ASAP!"

"This is by far the most amazing pillow I have ever slept on. Perfect softness to thickness. Doesn’t go flat, cool and just amazing. Now my wife is trying to steal mine and I think that could be grounds for divorce :-)"

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