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If you haven't had one in a while, you might forget what a great night's sleep feels like.


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You'll sleep well knowing we support you with award-winning service and a money-back guarantee.


"Fits Like A Glove, Feels Like A Dream."

Every bit of the Sleepgram Pillow has been designed with you in mind. We hit the drawing board over 25 times before we were satisfied with our pillow. We want you to love your Sleepgram, cuddle it, sleep on it, and live with it. Your Sleepgram Pillow is assembled with only premium materials and comes with a money-back guarantee and a 1 year warranty. Designed in California, Sleepgram will catch eyes while you’ll catch Z’s.

"I’ve Found Pillow Heaven. Its name is Sleepgram."

Designing a pillow that checks every box wasn’t easy. You wanted a pillow that you could wash, customize, and love. We’ve delivered it. Sleepgram is the perfect pillow for every sleeper regardless of size, weight, or sleeping style. Plus they’re free of any animal bi-products, odors, or lumps. You shouldn’t have to commit to one pillow, and with Sleepgram you get three-in-one. Find your perfect fit, and find your perfect night’s sleep.

"My Entire Family Sleeps On The Same Pillow. Sort Of."

Sleep on firm today, and soft tomorrow. Find your dream pillow!

By using two differently sized internal pillows, we are able to provide 3-pillows-in-1. One size fits all: small women and big men all sleep like babies on Sleepgram.

Meet The Pillow

See how Sleepgram is changing the way people sleep...

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  • Sized For All

    Your Sleepgram pillow is 3-pillows-in-1. One size fits all: small women and big men all sleep like babies on Sleepgram.

  • Sleep Cooler

    Cotton cover meets down-alternative microfiber filling: sleep cool and soft at the same time.

  • Design Matters

    A smooth and chunky zipper invites you inside the pillow to customize with ease.

  • Built to Last

    Premium materials, thoroughly cleaned and delivered sealed to you, mean you can sleep easier: our removable, washable cover helps keep fibers inside and pests outside while remaining machine-washable.

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"My husband said, as we sunk into the pillows on our new bed that it was ‘like being at a fancy hotel.’ These pillows are fantastic and so comfy I will be taking these with me whenever I travel from now on! Other pillows just aren’t the same!"

"When I first heard about Sleepgram I just thought that it was another pillow. I decided to try out their two pack option after hearing about how comfortable they were from a friend. Boy, was I not disappointed. I’ll be replacing my kid’s pillows ASAP!"

"This is by far the most amazing pillow I have ever slept on. Perfect softness to thickness. Doesn’t go flat, cool and just amazing. Now my wife is trying to steal mine and I think that could be grounds for divorce :-)"

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