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Having kids is an adventure and one method you realise how speedily they develop (grow) is by how often their bedrooms transforms. With babies or infants, you can get away with the bare minimum. A teddy, a crib or some dangling toys to can keep them distracted. The colour scheme is up to you because they will not know the difference.

But as they develop in age, their bodies need new furniture and their minds are now stimulated by their surroundings. These kids will actually need more and also need to like their bedroom environment. Unless, of course, you are happy to have them wake you up in the middle of the night, and make you feel uncomfortable on your bed alongside your partner.

Well, decorating your kid’s bedroom can be very challenging. Since kids are still in their growing age, they could simply change preferences. It is really hard to get the best design that they would get to enjoy for a long period of time.

You can involve your kid in the process of putting in the basic items in his own bedroom. Because it might help to improve his or her own self esteem, though the final decision till lies in your hands. Therefore, how can you make your kid’s bedroom a place that they would love?

In this article, you will get to know the basic items your kid should have in their bedroom to keep them occupied during the day, in bed at night and a few things in between.

  1. A kids Theme

Many of us (parents) use the excuse of their kid’s bedroom to have some fun and play the role of ‘interior designer’. But it is a kid’s bedroom that needs a kids theme, which is obviously chosen by the kid themselves.

Allow your kid select a colour and a character-theme supposing that they want one. Then purchase paint for the walls, some bedroom decor that carries through their theme and kids bedding for the kids.

Following that way, you do not have to cherish their theme choice, but you can regulate how tastefully it is integrated in their bedroom. Reason it as a compromise and a way of getting them to cherish their bedroom.

  1. A Storage System

For your sanity and organising lessons for your kids, enable that they have some type of storage system in their bedroom. This can be through space saving furniture like, ottomans, boxes, shelves and drawers. Your kids should be aware of everything that needs to be packed away and you also need to hold the, accountable to cleaning their bedroom at the end of the day.

You can certainly make the cleanup process more fascinating for their sakes with a storage system. In addition, it will make it simple for the kids to see where toys go, dirty clothes go, books and shoes go. The earlier you can get them involved in organising, the better it will prevent you from spending your days on cleaning duty.

  1. A Creative Corner

Every kid bedroom need to have at least a small area of organised chaos in their bedrooms though. And by organised chaos, we mean it to be a ‘creative corner’.

Your kids need a space to show themselves in terms of creativity or expression. By setting up a corner of the bedroom with a kids table stocked with colour pencils, paper, and probably a paint set, depending on their age and stickers. They can also have bean bags for chairs and a chalkboard, most times placed on the wall.

Whenever they feel like drawing on the walls, rather than drawing on the walls or on the floor, they will grab some chalk and draw all over the chalkboard area of their wall. It might be a good idea to watch this activity in the early stage. You know, so they do not think it is a ‘gateway’ to the rest of the bedroom walls.

Also, when they design images and paintings for you, always remember to hang them up on their walls. It will give them something to be proud of and discuss whenever they enter their rooms.

  1. A little Technology

Though it is not really important in a kid’s bedroom but they also need a kind of technology. Electronic toys devices in their bedrooms are not necessary, unless it is for health or educational purposes.

  1. A nice and Comfortable Bed

It is also part of the basic items a kid needs in their bedroom. You should note that a bedroom would not be called a bedroom without a nice and comfortable bed to sleep on. Make your kids feel well protected and secured with smiley cushions and blankets designed with pictures of their favourite cartoons.

  1. A Comforting Presence

Various kids around the world struggle to fall and remain asleep during the night. As babies and toddlers, they may have had a thing they did when they easily go to sleep. Some would need to have a blanket or toy around, while some others may need to suck on their fingers before they go to sleep.

As a kid, it may not be the falling asleep that is a problem. But the excuses are always based on the fact that they are afraid. Well, every kid’s bedroom should have a cuddle buddy or an item that will give them comfort, so that they can hold onto it and feel safe with it.

It might be a small or large teddy, a magic blanket or a relaxing nightlight that keeps their fears at bay. Doing this will have no effect on your good night sleep because there will be no reason for them to come to your bedroom.


In conclusion, every parents need to make sure their kid feels happy and comfortable. The bedroom is your kid’s personal space. It must be a bedroom where they can feel loved and accepted.