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Hotel Luxury in Your Bedroom: How to Get the Best Hotel Pillows at Home

What makes the best hotel pillows so luxurious that it elevates your sleep experience?

A vacation can often leave you missing the comforts of home, but home leaves you yearning for those dreamy pleasures. The luscious elements put together in many hotels create an oasis-like atmosphere to help you unwind.

How can you recreate that blissful five-star experience in your bedroom?

Join us as we discover how to choose the best hotel pillows for your home. We’ll also explore unique design elements you could use to create a luxurious oasis.

What Makes Hotel Pillows Special?

The secret to finding the best hotel pillows lies in the filling. Each material used provides a different level of support. The trick is to find the one best suited to your body’s needs.

Below, we’ve listed the various filling types and the benefits of each.

  • Duck down and feathers: This natural filling is a popular choice found in high-end hotels. The feathers have a natural springiness, providing luxuriously firm support. Though breathable, they provide an extra layer of insulation and softness.
  • Goose down and feathers: The ultimate luxury in natural fillings. Goose feathers provide more height and firmness to your pillows. As with their duck counterparts, the goose down also creates a super soft, insulating layer. These pillows provide superior support and comfort.
  • Microfiber: This synthetic material is ultra-fine and super lightweight. It combines the softness and insulation of natural down with affordability. It is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitivities or allergies.
  • Polycotton Hollow-fiber: This blend of polyester and cotton is lightweight, breathable, and insulating. It creates an air pocket that contributes to its height and “bounce”. These pillows provide medium support and the materials are easy to maintain. 

As you can see, each filling material has unique benefits. The softness, support, and insulation have a direct impact on your quality of sleep.

Identifying the Best Hotel Pillow Type

Having the softest pillows is pointless if they don’t provide the support you need. When you buy the best hotel pillows for your bedroom, you’re investing in your overall health.

Poor quality sleep can have devastating effects on your physical and mental health. With correct support, you’re reducing the risk of aches and pains, ultimately promoting better sleep.

The following is a list of the scientific factors to consider when buying hotel-quality pillows.

  • Your sleep position determines the level of support that you need in a pillow. As a side-sleeper, you need more height to keep your head and spine aligned. In contrast, stomach or back sleepers benefit from thinner pillows.
  • When sleeping, your spine alignment should remain as close to its natural state as possible. As a result, your pillows should provide enough support for your head to rest without tilting in any direction. Too low or too high and you face the risk of causing pressure or pain due to nerve pressure.
  • Consider your allergies when selecting a pillow. Duck or goose feather and down pillows could cause reactions as they’re prone to accumulating dust, mold, and dust mites. Hypoallergenic pillows repel these allergens, improving your quality of sleep.
  • Sufficient circulation and temperature regulation is a crucial contributor to a peaceful sleep. Overheating causes discomfort, restlessness, and interrupted sleep.

The Adjustable Pillow Multipack Brings Luxury to Your Bedroom

Now that you know what to look for when shopping for the best hotel pillows, it’s time to reveal our top recommendation. The Adjustable Pillow Multipack is the perfect match for your at-home oasis.

This 3-in-1 pillow is fully customizable to match your preferred sleeping position. The supportive inserts support your neck and spine, creating a weightless sleeping experience.

Whether you want a soft, medium, or firm pillow, just unzip the cover and adjust it accordingly.

Are you a back, stomach, or side-sleeper? You can also adjust the height of your pillow to provide the required support. Your neck and spine remain perfectly aligned at all angles.

The nano-fibers used promote air flow, keeping you cool throughout the night. The silky fibers also maintain their shape. Reducing the need to keep fluffing your pillow.

We’ve made the outer cover from 100% cotton and plush fibers, guaranteeing the softest pillows. It’s also removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

Caring for Your Hotel-Style Pillow

Investing in the best hotel pillows for your bedroom also requires some additional care to ensure longevity. Keeping your pillows in optimal condition is the best way to keep enjoying their luxury for longer.

Here are the best ways to care for your hotel-style pillows at home.

  • Fluff your pillows each day to restore their shape and maintain fluffiness and support.
  • Air them out on the clothesline (preferably on a sunny day). Doing this once a month helps to get rid of dust mites and restore freshness.
  • Spot clean your pillows with vinegar or baking soda to remove odors and stains.
  • Wash your pillows frequently to keep them in their best condition. Ideally, wash them every three to four months. Most pillows are machine washable, but you should clean them on a gentle cycle. Always read the care labels before cleaning for explicit instructions.
  • Always be sure to dry them thoroughly after washing. Again, refer to the care instructions to determine if they should be air-dried or tumble dried.
  • Use a pillow protector as a barrier against liquid absorption. These protective layers also prevent the accumulation of dust mites and other allergens.

If you want your pillows to last longer and remain luxurious, apply the care tips mentioned above.

7 Tips for Creating a Luxurious Bedding Setup

Getting hotel-quality comfort at home is possible with just a few minor adjustments. Here are seven tips you can use to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary.

1. Start with a Firm Foundation

With mattresses, you get what you pay for. An improved quality of sleep is worth every dollar invested.

Most hotels furnish their bedrooms with custom made mattresses. This cost may be too excessive for your home, so we recommend shopping around for a high-quality mattress.

2. Fresh, Neutral Colors

White, cream, and other neutral colors make the room feel new and clean. Selecting the right colors for your room helps reduce stress, encouraging relaxation, and improves sleep.

This is a preferred trick in many upscale hotels. It gives guests the impression that the room has been through a recent renovation. Who doesn’t like to be the first to try something new?

3. Quality Linens

Linens with a higher thread count mean more luxury. Most high-end hotels use linens with a thread count of 300 or more.

The Cotton Silvadur™ Sheet Set is an ideal way to get this luxury in your bedroom. They’re made with 400 thread count cotton to give you the softest experience. The sheets are also infused with silver ion, which is odor resistant, repels bacteria, and stays cleaner for longer.

4. Fluffy is Better

A soft, down comforter is one of the best kept hotel secrets to a fantastic night’s sleep. However, if you’re allergic, this may be a problem.

Try the Sleepgram Comforter, filled with a down-alternative filling for a soft and cozy feeling. Excessive heat is a common cause for sleep disruptions. With regulated temperature, interrupted sleep is a thing of the past.

5. Pillows in Abundance

Few things recreate the feeling of luxury, like soft, plump pillows. Many up-scale hotels opt for two to four soft pillows. Add a few decorative pillows too for extra appeal.

6. Warm Lighting

What better way to create a cozy environment than with warm lighting? Follow the example of leading hotels by using lower wattage, warm-colored bulbs.

This cozy atmosphere helps your brain relax, sending you off for a night of quality rest.

7. Functional Final Touches

Cover your bedside table and other surfaces with the essentials, avoiding clutter. Your bedside table should be functional, holding everything you need at night, but also bring an accent to the room.

Flowers or plants, candles, art, and rugs are subtle enough to create character without being overwhelming.

Take a Break

Taking care of yourself and your wellbeing starts with getting quality sleep. Adding the best hotel pillows to your bedroom is vital to getting a revitalizing night’s rest.

The environment created in your bedroom has a significant impact on how you feel. It all comes together with a few intentional changes.

Browse our shop for the highest quality pillows and luxurious bedding. We offer free shipping on all orders and amazing deals. Why wait for a vacation to enjoy hotel-quality luxury? Bring paradise to your home today!