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How a Contour Knee Pillow Can Improve Your Rest

A contour knee pillow has more benefits than you may realize. It’s a cushion that fits between your knees and supports your lower body while helping you enjoy good quality sleep.

Night time rest is as important to overall well-being as food and fresh air. It allows your body to perform maintenance needed for daily tasks.

Poor sleep can lead to various health conditions. It can affect your mental state and result in anxiety or depression. Good rest improves concentration, heart health, and physical performance.

The perfect cushion for your head provides tranquil slumber and spinal support. A contour knee pillow does the same, but there are some things to consider when choosing this type of cushion.

Continue reading to discover how to select the ideal knee pillow. Learn how to use it optimally to ensure you reap all the benefits it offers.

Understanding your sleep style and its impact

Many people don’t know that their sleep style plays a role in the quality of slumber.

Having the correct posture while awake can also influence your health. It’s important to maintain the right position when sleeping to avoid back or neck pain. It also supports your spine by ensuring proper alignment.

A misalignment can lead to chronic joint pain and stiffness. It reduces your range of motion and creates discomfort. 

Each individual’s preference determines their sleep style. Here are three common ways to sleep.

On your back

A popular position, also known as the “soldier position.” It can reduce back and neck pain and may ease headaches.

This sleep posture helps maintain an open airway by keeping your head slightly above your heart. It helps prevent mucus buildup in your sinuses. 

The correct sleeping pillow ensures your head remains in a favorable position. It should support the natural curvature of your spine. The height shouldn’t be too high, ensuring your spine is in line with your head, neck, and shoulders.

Placing a contour knee pillow under your knees can help relieve lower back strain

On your side

Sleeping on your side is another common position. More than 50% of people prefer this style, as it has several advantages. With the right pillows, you can find optimum comfort. 

Side sleeping doesn’t usually create any alignment back pain. Those experiencing these aches can find some relief when sleeping on their side. 

This style of slumber promotes healthy spinal alignment. Placing a contour knee pillow between your knees enhances your comfort. Research has established that sleeping on your left side can ease heartburn.

Avoid sleeping on your side if you have shoulder pain. Pick a pillow that supports the curvature of your neck and aligns it with your head and spine.

On your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach isn’t a recommended posture. Also known as the “prone position,” it doesn’t provide full spinal support.

If you have a history of spinal injury, this style of sleeping may affect your recovery. Lying on your stomach forces your head to the side and mis-aligns your head and spine. It can also create sleep discomfort.

This position has some benefits, like helping to prevent snoring. The pillow that best suits the prone position is one with a lower loft. You can also place a thin cushion under your pelvis.

Adding a contour knee pillow to any of these sleep styles can improve your posture. It can also provide relief from pain after surgery or strenuous activity. The shape and design of this cushion prevents discomfort. It’s a worthwhile investment in providing uninterrupted sleep.

Benefits of using a contour knee pillow

Pregnant women and side and back sleepers can benefit most from a contour knee pillow.

Placing it between your knees keeps your pelvis, hips, and spine aligned. It relieves pressure from your spine and improves your overall posture. 

Back sleepers can also benefit from sleeping with a contour knee pillow. While many use an ordinary pillow under their knees, the form of a knee cushion can mold to your shape and provide better support.

Here are a few knee pillow benefits.

Prevents hip rotation

A contour pillow for your knees can prevent your hips from rotating. A stabilized pelvis helps your spine remain symmetrically aligned. It also relieves pressure on your back and reduces potential back pains.

Reduces knee pain

A contour knee pillow can help ease pain and discomfort, especially in the knee area. It absorbs pressure by providing cushioning between your knees and prevents them from resting on each other.

The pillow helps disperse weight evenly between your legs. Back sleepers can also experience relief by placing the cushion under their knees.

Promotes blood circulation

Numb limbs are a discomfort that many people wake up with. Your blood flow can improve when using a contour pillow between your legs. The neutral position that the cushioning between your knees provides improves circulation.

Suits pregnant women

Sleeping on your back when pregnant isn’t always comfortable or recommended. It may cause a variety of adverse effects, like nausea and chest pain.

Side sleeping is more comfortable. Placing a contour knee pillow between your legs helps your posture. It keeps your spinal alignment neutral and provides support for your baby bump. This sleep position also offers pressure relief.

Relieves muscle cramps

Many people experience muscle cramps when sleeping, which can lead to disrupted sleep. Putting a contour knee pillow between your legs can ease this stiffness. Maintaining this position reduces possible swelling on the lower back and eases pressure.

A contour pillow for your knees can bring much needed relief for a range of issues. The comfort provided lasts beyond night time sleep. It ensures you feel relaxed throughout the day, too.

Choosing the right contour knee pillow

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a contour knee pillow.

They’re smaller than standard pillows and available in different shapes and sizes. The design of these cushions brings comfort and spinal support. The pillow materials also play a vital role.

Consider these characteristics when choosing a knee pillow.


The form of the pillow is essential to comfort. The contours help keep your thighs and knees in a firm position while sleeping. This support keeps your spine aligned while relieving pressure. It could also ease back pain.


The density of contour knee pillows varies and depends on the individual’s preference. The firmness level determines how comfortable the pillow is.

A pillow that’s too soft won’t provide any loft for your legs. It may also not separate your knees enough to prevent your hips from rolling.

A contour knee pillow should have a good balance between firm and soft. The filling also contributes to the firmness. A foam stuffing is more dense, while down (duck feathers) is much softer and fluffier.


Pillow materials that provide airflow help you feel cool by redirecting heat away from your body. They’re ideal for those who wake up feeling sweaty or hot during the night. It’s also refreshing during warmer climates.


Various pillow sizes suit different body sizes. They’re designed to fit between the knees and accommodate your thighs. Your height also influences your choice of cushion. A large size suits a taller person, while someone with a short stature needs a smaller cushion.

Sleepgram’s contour knee pillow provides comfort all night. It eases pain in your back, hips, and knees. It’s designed to distribute pressure evenly. The pillow minimizes strain on your body, keeping your pelvic region in place while sleeping.

Our contour knee pillow improves blood flow and circulation in your legs. Its material contains a cooling gel that ensures it remains up to 12 degrees cooler. It also has a cooling cotton cover that prevents your legs from sweating.

Incorporating a contour knee pillow into your sleep routine

Using a knee pillow optimally can ensure you reap all the benefits. Here’s how you can effectively use the pillow when sleeping on your side:

  • Bend your knees slightly and place the cushion between your knees.
  • Try pillow positioninguntil the pillow fits in a way that elevates your thighs.
  • Adjust the pillow to ensure you’re comfortable. You may have to change your position or posture. The contour shape still allows a range of mobility throughout the night.
  • Stack your hips on top of each other.
  • To reinforce proper spinal alignment, use a head pillow that supports your neck and head.

If you’re a back sleeper, position the contour knee pillow in the following way:

  • Slightly bend your knees upward.
  • Place your pillow under your knees.
  • Allow your legs to rest comfortably on the pillow.
  • Adjust your legs to the contour to ensure they’re fully supported.
  • Keep your spine aligned.

There’s no need to adjust your sleep routine. The pillow accommodates various sleep styles. It helps keep your spine aligned and prevents bad posture and back pain. Sleepgram’s memory foam knee pillow retains its shape while providing maximum support.

Invest in your health

As insignificant as a knee pillow may seem, it can enhance your sleep quality and provide comfort. By investing in a contour knee pillow, you can optimize your well being. It supports healthy sleep habits while maintaining good posture.

Sleepgram’s knee pillow can accommodate any style, whether you prefer to sleep on your back or side. The cooling material and soft fabric ensure you have a comfortable night’s sleep. Its contour curves fit your body to promote proper spinal alignment and reduce pain.

With our contour knee pillow, you’ll wake up feeling rested and pain free. Invest in your health by choosing Sleepgram today.