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You will agree with me when I say selecting the perfect mattress is a difficult task. First, you sell or dispose your old ones and then go through a tedious process of choosing a new bed that will be comfortable for many years to come.

Having a couple of dozen selections, producers and handful kinds and materials doesn’t help, does it? Fortunately for you, you can see what exactly how to select a new mattress and most significant thing to consider.

In this article, there are 5 things you need to consider before buying the perfect mattress for your bed. These 5 things include the following; mattress lifespan, budget, type and material, your sleeping position, and sleeper’s weight.

  1. Mattress Lifespan

Many of us change their beds after just some few years, and that is perfectly okay supposing that you can afford it. But one thing you should know is that the mattress is not a small investment, therefore take a moment to determine do you really need a new.

In general, after like 7 or 8 years you will most likely need a new mattress. Sure, it depends on the quality and the material which we will cover later. And supposing that you feel back and neck pain, your bedding is a good place to begin from.

There are some good mattresses that will last for a long period of time. Mattresses such as Air, Waterbed, Pillow top, Hybrid, Innerspring, Memory Foam, and Latex mattresses are perfect for you if you want a mattress that will last for you.

  1. Determine Your Budget

Do not get perplexed here. More money doesn’t mean better quality. Supposing that you think that some of the online selections are somehow worse than in-store ones, you are mistaken. You should know that stores tend to inflate prices as much as 100 percent.

There are guidelines that will make you go for quality ones;

  • Do not always go for the cheapest ones you find. That is, spending less than 500 dollars for a mattress will only make you experience lower durability, more toxins, and lower sleep quality in general.
  • Higher price doesn’t mean higher quality
  • Go with 1000 dollars for mattresses because this is where you will find the perfect bang for your buck.

  1. Select Your Perfect Type and Material

Ok, this is where majority of us will go with their personal preference instead of anything else. Supposing that anybody says latex mattress is the best, I would not take it into conclusion until I read their opinions and examine it myself.

There are common options you will discover lately. Beginning with;

  • Innerspring (coils)

This mattress is one of the most affordable selections on the market, as a result of a decrease in demand and also in part to so various options that have the potential to give comfort and better for overall health. They are also known to last for decades.

This mattress is perfect for individuals who want support, durability, cooling, and great bounce.

  • Latex

They are known for their splendid cooling, comfort, and great bounce. There are two types to select from; one is neutral and the other synthetic. The former is quite expensive than the latter.

Latex mattress is perfect for people who want good cooling, bounce, and responsiveness.

  • Memory Foam

Why this mattress suddenly became famous is because of the superior comfort and support it provides to the body. Anybody who has pressed their hand into this material will certainly understand its appeal, though it retains heat which will not be good for a cool night’s sleep.

This mattress is perfect for people who want body shaping, pressure relief, contour, and good support.

  • Hybrid

This mattress is quite expensive which some of us will not be able to afford to get it. But this foam offers the countering and lack of motion transfer of foam coupled with the support of springs.

This mattress is perfect for people who want best all around product with good support, cooling, pressure relief, and bounce.

  • Waterbed

One basic thing for choosing this type is a backache and arthritis relief. They are great for individuals with allergies.

This mattress is perfect for people with back pain, arthritis, and allergies and anybody searching for something less conventional.

  1. Determine Your Perfect Sleeping Position

Many of us have a special way of sleeping every night. No matter if you sleep on your stomach, back, side, or even if change position throughout the night you will have to consider and select the perfect type of bed based on your preference. Therefore, take some few seconds and think, what is your best sleeping position because that determines the perfect firmness of your new bed.

  • Back Sleepers

The most important factor for back sleepers is support and firmness. Supposing that your mattress is very soft, your body will sink and result to back pain. You will need a mattress that is soft but also provide enough support.

  • Side Sleepers

Various individuals, who usually sleep on their sides, go through discomfort and pain in their hip joints and shoulders. It is often due to unsuitable bedding. It is best if you go with a bit softer option than a back sleeper as they bring equal distribution of pressure while you are sleeping on your side.

  • Stomach Sleepers

This is known as the worst sleeping position. The most important thing for stomach sleepers is to bring equal distribution for weight across your whole body as your torso will apply most pressure.

  1. Consider Your Weight As a Factor

You probably are asking yourself, how does weight relate with selecting a mattress? Let’s be frank, support, hug, sink age, feel, and even cooling will depend on your body type and weight. Also, there is no perfect mattress for every one of us.