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Researchers have discovered that dogs are less likely than humans to keep you from getting quality night’s sleep. Not only that dogs are owner’s best friend, but also their best sleep partner, that is , supposing that their owner is a lady.

 A study from Canisius College in New York discovered that, for ladies, dogs are better bed partners than human or feline companions. They also discovered that ladies commonly rate dogs as better bed partners than human partners or other pets like cats.

According to Christy Hoffman, a PHD and animal behaviourist, there is a few good reasons on why dogs make good sleep partners than humans or cats, that is, after evaluating and collecting data from close to a thousand ladies across the United States.

The first on the list is;

  1. Familiar Sleep Patterns

Christy Hoffman discovered that sleep patterns of dogs, not other pets like cats, are more closely coincide with sleep patterns in humans. She also says that the difference between dogs and cats is not shocking because dogs ‘major sleep periods tend to coincide more closely with humans unlike cats do.

Christy Hoffman also says that extra research would be needed to test these ideas, though, in comparison to human bed partners, dogs probably are better at accommodating their human’s sleep schedule. It is not common for human bed partners to go to sleep at very distinct times. Such differences in two or more people schedules can certainly disrupt sleep. It probably is that dog bed partners adapt more eagerly to their owner’s schedule than humans do.

  1. Dogs Remain Put

Hoffman says that dogs who slept in their owners’ bed were generally recognised to be less disruptive for sleep than human partners and cats. People who slept with a dog gave a report that their dog remained on the bed most of the night unlike people who slept with a cat that stated that their cats spent less of the night on the bed.

This means that cats probably is more likely than dogs to bring disruptions by moving around the bed throughout the night. Furthermore, we discovered that dog owners kept to more regular bedtime and wake time schedules than cat owners. Dog owners also tended to go to bed much earlier and wake up earlier than cat owners.

Christy Hoffman also says that consistency may be as a result to the need for dogs to move outside after getting up from bed early in the morning. Dog owners may get a few benefits by maintaining a more consistent sleep schedule.

Former research says individuals who maintain a stricter sleep routine tend to be less sleepy during the day and to be less sleepy during the day and to be less likely to experience insomnia.

Last on the list is; 

  1. A Sense of Security

Dogs as bed partners are much better when it concerns comfort and security than human and feline bed partners. Dog owners, though not all, probably take comfort in the thought that their dog will alert the owners in the case of an intruder or other kind of emergency.

In addition, a dog’s bark probably deters a potential intruder. Other pets like cats are less likely to take on this role, and so, probably not bring psychological comfort in the exact way a dog might. As a matter of fact, people related cats with weaker feelings of comfort than dog partners or even human partners.

Looking at the three basic reasons why dogs are better than humans or other pets when it comes to having a sleep partner, we should not forget that all things are not preferred by all due to certain reasosn . So, questions arise and we tend to answer a few of them listed below as follows;


Though a large number of people in the study gave a report that their dogs had a positive effect on their sleep, Christy Hoffman says there are lots of variation across individuals and their pets that probably influence how they impact each other’s sleep.

For instance, a dog who snores loudly or brings heat in the middle of summer is not likely to improve one’s sleep quality. Hoffman points out that her research was based on people’s perceptions of how pets impact their sleep. Due to the fact we usually experience disruptions to our sleep that we do not remember the following morning.

It would be better to take some goal measures of how dogs and cats affect human sleep. That is, we need to capture human, dog, and cat activity at night time to get a better sense of how the activity of a person may be affecting the activity of another.

Finally, Christy Hoffman also says since dogs and cats are the most common pets in the United States, it will be valuable not to stop this line of research so we can get to see a clearer picture of the contexts under which pets in their owner’s bed may bring positive impacts on their sleep quality.


Supposing that you are concerned about germs your dog may bring into your bed, then you do not need to worry or be concerned. The only time you should be worried is when your dog happens to be sick or has diarrhea.

A study showed that a dog and a human being living together may have more of the exact microbial species than two human beings sharing the same space. As long as you are washing your bed sheets regularly, then you should never be concerned over your health.

Note; supsoing that you find comfort with other pets including cats, other than dog, then know that they have different microbes from you and some of them can make you fall sick.