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Cotton Pillowcase (2-pack)

Antimicrobial Sleep | Extra 20% OFF

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Sleepgram Silk Pillowcase

Perfect Skin & Hair | Extra 20% OFF

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Cotton Silvadur™ Sheet Set


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Contour Knee Pillow

Knee & Spine Health | Extra 20% OFF

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Sleepgram Mattress Protector

No Unwanted Stains | Extra 20% OFF

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Bamboo Sheet Set

Cool & Soft

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Contour Knee Pillow




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About The Product
  • Outer cooling cover is made with Bamboo
  • Inner filling is made with memory foam and a cooling gel layer
  • Outer cover is washable and removable via zipper
  • 10" x 8" x 7"
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Happy Knees

Distributes pressure evenly across your thighs so knees feel relieved every morning.

Healthy Spine

Anatomical alignment is achieved by positioning lower legs parallel to the spine.

No More Back Pain

With pressure evenly distributed, your hips' pull on your spine and lower back is minimized to reduce lower back pain.

Perfect Blood Circulation

With no kinks in your lower body, blood circulation is restored reducing muscle tension and soreness.

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Why Choose Sleepgram Knee Pillow?

Spine Alignment

Reduce Back Pain

Align your hips and spine with a proper supportive knee pillow to wake up pain free.

Knee Support

Back and Side Sleepers

For back sleepers, simply un-button the pillow and it works to aleviate pressure on the knees by raising the joints and dispersing weight across your legs.


Improve Blood FLow

Less kinks in your system mean blood can circulate in legs up to 20% more.

Get better sleep today - guaranteed!

Science in Support

Weight Distribution

Spine, hips and knee health all start with proper posture. Damage can be unknowkingly done at night without the correct support. Sleepgram’s contour knee pillow aligns hips, knees and spine, so pressure is even distributed minimizing strain on any one body part. Waking up with low back, knee or hip pain can be a sign of poor sleep posture.

Healthy Blood Flow

Have you ever woken up with arms or legs “asleep”? This is poor circulation caused by bad sleep posture. The negative health benefits associated with poor circulation are associated with the increased risk of heart attack and stroke, so a contour knee pillow can be paramount to healthy sleep.

Support from the ground up

Here’s what makes our knee pillows so special

Cooling Gel

The #1 complaint with knee pillows is they get too hot. So we used the most revolutionary cooling gel and molded in air pockets to make this pillow up to 12 degrees cooler.

Supportive Foam

High density memory foam is used to remain soft yet retain shape for maximum support.

100% Cooling Cotton Cover

Special cotton hexagon cooling cover is so soft and cool to the touch. Your legs won’t sweat or itch.

Get better sleep today - guaranteed!

Support where it matters

Let’s Compare


Other Pillowcases



Adjusting to back or side sleepers is a snap.



One size fits some.



Cooling gel with rippled air pockets work twice as hard to keep you up to 12 degrees cooler all night.



A hot mess.


100 Night Guarantee


100 Night Guarantee

Get better sleep today - guaranteed!

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  • What is the difference between Sleepgram and other bedding brands?


    At Sleepgram, we've dedicated thousands of hours into researching and engineering our own proprietary bedding products. We do not release new product lines until we are 100x over satisfied that the product will meet the most demanding and premium requirements. From Sleepgram, you can expect sustainable, premium, and quality bedding- tested and engineered tirelessly from our internal design team.

  • Are your products free from toxins and harmful chemicals?


    Our products are certified and tested thoroughly to be free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

  • Are your products ethically sourced?


    We only procure product from sources that meets our high standards of sustainability and are 100% cruelty-free

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Quality Product

The cover is so soft and comfy. I like the sizing design which allows the pillow to be adjusted. Top quality versus others on the market.

- Sherri M.

Nice Pillow

Had it for a couple of weeks now and am very happy. Really like it for hip and joint support. Another hit as always, good job to the Sleepgra team!

- Gabe B.


This pillow is the best. It's so comfortable. I hope always to keep one of these close by and will let my friends know what they're missing.

- Kathryn K.

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