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Cruelty Free

Allergen Resistant

Machine Washable

Why a Silk Pillowcase?

Putting the beauty in beauty sleep.
It's a fact: silk is the game changer your beauty routine is looking for. Stop split ends, face wrinkles, and dark circles by simply upgrading your pillowcase.
Better Hair
Glowing Skin
Enhance Sleep
Reduce Wrinkles
Save Time
Silk ™ by Sleepgram

When it comes to silk, quality makes all the difference. Sleepgram, the internet's favorite pillow, sources 22 momme - the Rolls Royce of silk - for the world's most premium pillowcase.

Benefits of Silk

It's the only pillowcase you'll love during the day.

Keeps Your Face Healthy

Silk leaves your natural oils where they belong.

Helps Your Skin Retain Moisture

Reducing wrinkles and acne.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Premium materials mean the best beauty experience.

Reduce Bed Head & Split Ends

Friction-free sleeping means your hair will look and feel great.

Improve Sleeping Time

Reducing bed-dread. Love your bed time again.

Great Value for Money

We could charge premium prices, but we don't.

30 Night Guarantee. Risk-Free Trial.

30 nights to try it or return it for a full refund. Talk about peace of mind!