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Sleeping on a Pillow: How to Pick the Perfect Cushion for a Restful Night

You can improve your overall health by having a good night’s sleep on a pillow that provides comfort and support. But, it’s not always easy finding the right cushion.

Where do you start? What should you look for? How will you know if it suits your needs? These questions may have plagued your mind when looking for a new pillow. You may not even have given much thought to what kind of cushion you sleep on.

As a result, you may have experienced disrupted sleep. Perhaps you have chronic back or neck pain from all the discomfort. Having the ideal pillow can remedy this situation.

Continue reading to discover the right pillow for you. We explore the significance of a good cushion to help you determine which one will match your sleep style.

Understanding pillow types and materials

Pillows have come a long way since their invention thousands of years ago. Originally carved from stone, a cradle shaped structure was first used as a headrest. Back then, comfort wasn’t their primary concern. The aim was to keep your face free from crawling insects.

Today, there’s a wide variety of cushions available. There’s no reason to toss and turn every night when you sleep on a pillow that’s perfect.

Many consider what they eat and drink before bed to ensure a peaceful night’s slumber. Others try to avoid afternoon naps or stick to a sleep schedule. They might not have considered the difference it makes to sleep on a supportive pillow.

There are a few options to evaluate before choosing the right cushion. Below are some popular pillow choices.

  • Cotton: Once a very popular choice of pillow. It’s a safe option for those who have allergies. It’s easy to wash, very light, and breathable, but it can become lumpy and trap dust mites and mold.
  • Down: Made from soft feathers found on the underbelly of swans or geese. It’s known for softness and comfort. It provides warmth when it’s cold. It’s not always hypoallergenic when combined with other feathers.
  • Feathers: It’s light in weight and similar to down; soft and fluffy. The fluffiness doesn’t last, and you may have to fluff it often. It may cause an allergic reaction. You can wash it, but you need to exercise care.
  • Gel: It’s known for keeping you cool. Its firmness may be too much for some people. It can hold its shape and is easy to maintain.
  • Memory foam: This pillow has become increasingly popular. It doesn’t clump as some do. When you sleep on this pillow, it easily molds to the shape of your body. It’s not breathable and may retain heat.
  • Latex: You can find latex in solid form or shredded. It’s durable and biodegradable. While it can keep you cool, it traps odors and may cause allergic reactions.
  • Synthetic: This pillow option is good for those with a tight budget. When you sleep on a pillowthat’s synthetic, it’s quite light, but it retains heat and is not durable or hypoallergenic. You can wash it, but clumps may form.

The significance of pillow firmness and loft

Everyone appreciates a good pillow that provides a peaceful and rewarding rest. Each person’s individual tastes and preferences differ, which is why there’s such a variety of cushions. 

Some may prefer to sleep on a pillow that’s higher than others. There are also those who may want a fluffy soft headrest compared to a firm one. These differences are the loft and firmness of a cushion.

The loft of a pillow refers to its height and thickness, while the firmness makes reference to how much weight your cushion can hold. It either molds to your form or sinks, which means it’s softer.

With this in mind, you also need to consider your sleep position. Let’s look at how the loft and firmness affect your style of slumber.

  • Back sleepers: This position requires a pillow that has less loft and isn’t too firm. The cushion should be thinner than normal, providing sufficient support for your neck. A higher loft tilts your head forward and strains your neck. This posture may result in neck and back pain. Add a pillow or two under your knees to relieve any pressure.
  • Side sleepers: This style requires a firmer headrest and one with a higher loft. The height provides support in the area between your neck and shoulders. The loft ensures your body maintains a neutral position and the alignment of your spine. Place an additional pillow between your legs to prevent your body from leaning forward. 

Stomach sleepers: This position can put unnecessary pressure on your back and neck. This strain may cause pain and spinal misalignment. Sleep on a pillow that’s softer and with a lower loft. A cushion under your pelvis can provide additional support.

Personal sleep needs and pillow selection

The benefits of a quality pillow go beyond comfort. It can also help remedy certain sleep issues. If you have any of the following concerns, consider a cushion that helps relieve them.

Back pain

You may have a pillow with insufficient support if you experience back pain. You’ll need one that keeps your neck in line with your head and shoulders. Many believe in a memory foam pillow that’s firm and has moldable support.

When you sleep on a pillow that’s too high or low, it can irritate your neck. It can also result in the misalignment of your spine.

Other parts of your body will work hard to support your spine, resulting in unusual body aches. A suitable cushion avoids this and eases any discomfort you may have.


You may snore when sleeping on a pillow that’s too low or soft. You need to keep your body aligned to allow your airways to remain open. 

Sleeping on your side is a much better option than on your back. There are certain pillows specially designed for those struggling with snoring.

Overall health

A condition that’s common in older women is hot flashes. Sleeping on a pillow that’s breathable and cool can help you from overheating.

The same applies to pillows that aren’t hypoallergenic. Someone with allergies could become ill when triggered by allergens.

Not sleeping comfortably may cause sleepless nights. The lack of rest can cause irritability, stress, and anxiety. Having a supportive pillow is important.

Adjustable pillows for customized comfort

When considering all this information, you may find it overwhelming to choose a pillow. Wouldn’t it be great to just have one cushion that addresses all your sleep concerns?

An adjustable pillow is the answer. You can alter it to suit your loft or firmness. Even if you have one preferred style of sleeping, you may change your position.

Having multiple cushions can become cumbersome. It can even add to interrupted sleep. Sleepgram’s 3-in-1 adjustable pillow features one cushion with a soft exterior and two inserts that are medium and firm.

You can remove or add inserts as you need. The firm insert is recommended for back sleepers. The lower loft inner cushion is ideal for stomach sleepers.

Combine all three to enjoy slumbering on your side. Its additional features include keeping you cool with its breathable fibers. It’s also hypoallergenic and easy to wash.

The role of pillow care in sleep quality

When you sleep on a pillow, it absorbs your sweat and collects skin cells and hair. It can also trap dust and other residue from makeup or hair products.

Over time, your pillow will discolor. It can become yellow or light brown. Washing your pillow regularly ensures it remains in good condition. It can also prolong its longevity.

It’s as simple as tossing it into a washing machine. Most cushions come with care instructions. The standard method is to use cold or lukewarm water and very little detergent.

Allow it to spin longer than usual, followed by tumble drying. You may have to dry it for an extended period. When in the drier, place one or two tennis balls in to ensure it remains fluffy.

Use a pillow protector to keep it cleaner for longer. It will delay the build-up of germs and bacteria. Washing it two to three times a year should help with maintaining a germ-free pillow.

You should replace your pillow every one to two years. Alternatively, you can assess its support and firmness. Another sign is when the discoloration doesn’t disappear after regular washes.

Your pillow does wonders to ensure a good night’s sleep and spinal support. Yet, there are other things that can also help. Ensure you have a good mattress that provides comfort and support.

Hypoallergenic sheets and pillowcases are also an excellent addition to a peaceful sleep. A clean and noise free environment adds to the serene setting for a restful slumber.

Trial and error: Finding your perfect pillow

In the busy world we live in, there’s not always time to step out to shop. When browsing for pillows, you may feel the need to test each one for its firmness and loft. It may also require you to visit a few retailers before finding the perfect pillow.

Online shopping takes the stress out of visiting shop after shop. It also saves you time.

At Sleepgram, we’ve made online purchases simple and easy. Our 3-in-1 adjustable pillow takes the anxiety out of deciding which pillow to choose. You can adapt the cushions to fit your style and comfort.

Testimonials and reviews: Learning from others

Do you need more evidence supporting the wonders of the Sleepgram 3-in-1 adjustable pillow? Have a look at some of our reviews.

  • Just washed and with just the large insert. I’ve had these pillows about 4 years. The best pillows I’ve ever had, I would never get anything else.” - Chris.
  • I love my new pillows. I am a dental hygienist with constant neck pain. My pain is considerably less using my Sleepgram pillow. I have tried many reputable brands and they do not compare. I will recommend to all my dental friends and everyone else who suffers from chronic neck pain. Thank you for such a fantastic product!!” - Sandy E.
  • Sleepgram somehow manages to be perfect for everyone.” - Yahoo.
  • It’s like having three pillows in one.” - Sleepopolis.

Client reviews have contributed greatly to the improvement of our pillow’s quality. When looking at what sleepers expect from a good cushion; being comfortable is vital.

People love the idea of an adjustable pillow. It gives them the freedom to make a choice that suits them at any given time. Hypoallergenic, cool, and machine washable are all things that appeal to them.

At Sleepgram, we’ve designed a pillow that you can adjust as you need. The nano-fiber technology ensures you remain cool even when you’re hot. Its silky fibers help retain the shape through the night.

It’s 100% organic fabric means it’s hypoallergenic and easy to clean. We pride ourselves on ensuring customer satisfaction and value your comments.

A perfect night with a perfect pillow

The next time you’re looking for a new pillow, don’t rush the process. Consider your sleep style and what slumber issues you may have.

When investing in a comfortable headrest, you also want it to last a long time. The investment applies to a peaceful slumber and to ensuring overall good health.

Sleepgram’s 3-in-1 adjustable pillow is the perfect cushion. It gives you all these features and more. Don’t waste another sleepless night worrying about your headrest. Make a change and choose Sleepgram today.