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How to Stop The Dreaded Snoring And how an easy change fixed mine

Leo Haury - Friday, March 20, 2020 Friday, March 20, 2020 - Sponsored Content - Sponsored Content

- Snoring is not only one of the most annoying tendencies polled by married couples, but also not good for your health! Restricted airways mean your body is working overtime to take in air as you are also trying your hardest to rest. Over 50% of sleepers will experience snoring in their lifetime with it becoming more common as you age. This causes sleepers who snore to have much more groggy and tired mornings then those who don't.

Why the Airway Restricts

Sinus infections, alcohol consumption, allergies, weight, and the position of your head and neck in your sleep are all factors in snoring. Sinus issues and weight are not things we can really control on a nightly basis, so what can we fix? Allergies and head/neck positioning! Back sleepers are much more likely to snore and experience sleep apnea because their tongue can restrict the airway as it falls backwards. For these sleepers, eliminating any nighttime allergies that can slightly swell your air passage is essential. And more importantly, raising your head to position your tongue farther forward can eliminate your tongue from blocking the airway and thus snoring. Conversely, if you sleep on your side you are least likely to snore, yet you must maintain a straight airway passage with no kinks or snoring can increase.

What is The Best Sleep Position for Me?

For back sleepers, they need a high loft pillow to raise their airway and elongate it making it easier for air to go in and out. This can be done with a pillow that has a high loft. Side sleepers need to make sure their pillow is high enough to raise their head parallel with their spine but low enough it doesn’t kink your airway upwards. This is not a low loft or high loft pillow, but something in the middle. For stomach sleepers, they need to have a very low loft pillow as to keep their throat and neck from bending backwards too much and causing airway restriction. Most pillows have too much loft for this, a low loft flatter pillow is needed.

What Pillow Will Work Best?

There is usually no one pillow perfect for everyone, except for Sleepgram! They are totally adjustable to a high, medium, and low loft setting for each sleeping style to reduce or eliminate snoring. In short, high loft for back sleepers, medium for side sleepers and low loft for the stomach sleepers are the best settings for yourself. Most sleepers are using the wrong pillow and never test new ones to see what really gives them the optimum sleep they deserve. In fact, less than 3% of the population regularly test new pillows! With Sleepgram, try medium loft one-night, high loft the next and low loft another night. You will quickly realize what pillow you really need to sleep your best.

Everyone wants great sleep, but not enough people take action to improve their sleep. That is why this Sleepgram pillow was created. Now, everyone can see what it is like to sleep on a world class pillow on any budget.

What about Allergies?

Some people (like myself) slept with down/feather pillows and think that is the best type of pillow on the market. Technology has come a long way and I personally found out after YEARS, I was actually allergic to down and that’s what was causing my puffy eyes and tired mornings. Having something you could be allergic to literally on your face every night is indeed a terrible idea. Sleepgram utilizes the zipper and supportive inserts in pillow design, so you can deep clean your pillow. It is 100% hypoallergenic and totally machine washable because it breaks apart into 3 pieces, making it wash and dry very fast. No more gross soggy and impossible to thoroughly wash or dry pillows.

"I just wish I bought a quality pillow earlier, It’s something I use every day 8-9 hours!" -Carleen

Is Sleepgram Really That Good?

With over 1 million pillows sold in just 3 years, the Sleepgram reviews speak for themselves. Over 18,000+ 5-star reviews across the web show the growing support this pillow has received. The company ships only direct to consumer only online, no middlemen. This allows them to sell a better product than all their competitors and price it less expensive than all of them. They use cooling silky hypoallergenic fibers inside that have unlimited adaptability on shape, so it’s always comfortable all night. They also us the highest quality 100% cotton outer shell for the softest pillow experience. You are getting a pillow that should be 4x the price, and they believe that enough to give a 100-night free trial period. You can ship it back to them for any reason no questions asked.

"The single best improvement I have made to my sleep in a decade!" -Maryam

In conclusion, I highly suggest anyone to try this for yourself and love ones as it really can work wonders on sleep quality. If you would like to try the Sleepgram pillow follow our exclusive link below for the best price on the web!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sleepgram supplies are limited, as they are only recently back-in-stock!

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Limit 6 per household Sleepgram

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Carleen Sovig, age 53 says, "The best nights sleep I have ever had; no tossing or turning and waking up!"

"... Sleepgram is the absolute best product I have ever used for sleep. I thought my days of sleeping like a teenager were long gone. I can't thank you enough for this!"

Carleen Sovig
San Francisco, CA

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"I bought a pair of pillows for the master bed. No less than 2 weeks later, I had all 3 bedrooms equipped with Sleepgram pillows! I felt so guilty about my daughter's old pillow that I had to get more while they were still on sale."

Maryam Azwell
Austin, TX


"For the first time in forever I am finally rested when I look in the mirror every morning. I haven't felt this great in decades!"

Kristen Bails
Boulder, CO