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Cotton Pillowcase (2-pack)

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Sleepgram Silk Pillowcase

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Cotton Silvadur™ Sheet Set


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Contour Knee Pillow

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Sleepgram Mattress Protector

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The Sleep You Deserve After A Fried Chicken Coma

Leo Haury - Wednesday, August 27, 2019 Thursday, November 15, 2018 - Sponsored Content - Sponsored Content

- You have spent the last week trying to figure out which fried chicken sandwich is the best. Is it Popeye's, is it chik-fil-a, Wendy's?

The real question is what kind of pillow and bedding you will be using to sleep off that fried chicken sandiwch coma! It's bound to hit you within minutes of finishing the grease bomb we love so much and force you into an unwakeable slumber. You want to really maximize your rest here and make sure your body is at a 100% optimum resting rate. Sleepgram products aim to be better than every competitor at a better price point than all of them. Mypillow, Casper, Purple, Coop, Brooklinen.....We challenge you to try the products we offer (all come with 100 night free trials, free shipping free returns) and if you do not agree our product is superior to theirs, simply return free of charge. We even donate unused and unopened products to the needy, so your helping the world by at least trying Sleepgram out :) .

The Sleepgram pillow

The Sleepgram adjustable pillow adjusts to 3 settings of soft, medium and firm in every pillow. Side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, small sleepers, big sleepers, shorts sleepers, tall sleepers....all need their own unique firmness and loft level, which is why ours is adjustable. In just over 2 years over 500,000 pillows have been sold and our customers are obsessed with these. It is built with the most expensive high end cotton shell with unique silky breathable fibers inside that keep the pillow as cool as possible. We made sure to use no memroy foam as these heat up very fast, and real feathers are not hypoallergenic and can wreak havok on allergies. Any other company would charge $100+ for our pillow, but we are a very small lean company with no expensive overhead and we cut out all the middle men. So ours is only $49.95 on our website! BUT, you can try it for our special rate below for just $36-$39.99 each, the cheapest anywhere on the web. 11,000+ 5 star reviews and counting, let us know what you think!

    Anti-Aging Silk Pillowcases

    Silk pillowcases are the most under-rated beauty trend in sleep. Imagine if every night you had to take a newpaper and fold it over every night 10x and unfold it every morning day after day. It would be wrinkled, weathered, and in rough shape. This is what is happening to your face when it is smashed against a pillow every night with your delicate facial skin. Almost every celebrity and model more than likely sleeps on a silk pillowcase for this exact reason. Sleepgram's 0 friction silk technology ensures wrinkles, face creases are minimzed in the sleep proccess. It's 100% silk, both sides and is treated using the most extensive proccess that makes it never strip your face of it's healthy oils as cotton can absorb. It stays super cool as its double sided silk, rather than just the outside as some companies can cheap out. We created a 22 momme extremely high end pillowcase that cuts no corners on quality and we priced better than all our true competition. Normally $85 on our website, you can try it below for $45-59each for 2-4 pillowcases. 100 night free trial. Free shipping. Free returns.

    Everyone wants great sleep, but not enough people take action to improve their sleep. That is why this Sleepgram pillow was created. Now, everyone can see what it is like to sleep on a world class pillow on any budget.

    Bamboo Cooling Sheets

    The biggest issue with most people's bedrooms is the 1 liter of sweat the average person can be soaking into their sheets EVERY NIGHT! It is essentially you are wetting the bed, but you don't wash it everyday. So, the issue is sheets that incredibly breathable. Silk is an incredibly cool fabric, however it would cost upwards of $400, just to manufacture. Bamboo shares the same properties as silk, ultra breathable and cooling, feels almost exactly the same (silky smooth), and has antibacterial properties. Sleepgram just launched these and have been selling out almost every week as there is such a small amount of the quality of bambboo we use, it has the euivalent strength and softness of a 1,000 threadcount yet with the breathability of a 230 count. If you are looking for a cool sleep that feels like silk to the touch, you will fall in love with these sheets. 100 night free trial. Free shipping. Free returns.

    "I just wish I bought a quality pillow earlier, It’s something I use every day 8-9 hours!" -Carleen

    Down-Alternative Comforter

    The highest quality supima cotton blend, baffle boxing, and the uber breathable silky fibers (down alternative) inside along with German piping make this the best priced ultra-luxurious comforter on the market. This was crafted with the highest quality materials first, then we backed out how we would sell this at a fair price below the competition. Given our cost to make this without the middle men, this would retail for something like $600-$1,000 in a retail outlet. We have this priced at $180 on our website. We know it is a big commitment, which is why we offer 100 nights, free shipping, free returns! If you want the highest quality comforter, very similar to the $1,000 ones found in a St.Regis, Westin, Ritz Carlton, etc. Try the Sleepgram comforter tonight!

    "The single best improvement I have made to my sleep in a decade!" -Maryam

    In conclusion, I highly suggest anyone to try this for yourself and love ones as it really can work wonders on sleep quality. If you would like to try the Sleepgram pillow follow our exclusive link below for the best price on the web!

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Sleepgram supplies are limited, as they are only recently back-in-stock!

    Update: CURRENTLY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE, Try Sleepgram today before they sell out... again!

    Limit 6 per household Sleepgram

    Exclusive Link from sleepgram.com


Carleen Sovig, age 53 says, "The best nights sleep I have ever had; no tossing or turning and waking up!"

"... Sleepgram is the absolute best product I have ever used for sleep. I thought my days of sleeping like a teenager were long gone. I can't thank you enough for this!"

Carleen Sovig
San Francisco, CA

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"I bought a pair of pillows for the master bed. No less than 2 weeks later, I had all 3 bedrooms equipped with Sleepgram pillows! I felt so guilty about my daughter's old pillow that I had to get more while they were still on sale."

Maryam Azwell
Austin, TX


"For the first time in forever I am finally rested when I look in the mirror every morning. I haven't felt this great in decades!"

Kristen Bails
Boulder, CO