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Sleepgram - The Pillow That Changed My Sleep Forever

The Pillow That Changed My Sleep Forever...

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Pillows get gross really fast and if you do not change them often, they become disgusting!

I replaced my pillows recently with what I found to be the most amazing pillow I have ever tried, a Sleepgram pillow. My sleep went from rocky and waking every few hours to 8 hours uninterrupted very very quickly. It all started when I realized that my old pillow was pretty gross from countless nights of sweating, breathing, and even drooling (I'll admit) on it every night. Then it sits all day collecting dust and after a short time there is oil, dirt, bacteria, dust mites and who know's what else everywhere! This led me to do a little research and I found that up to 1/3 of your pillow's weight can consist of oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and dust mites! I knew I needed to throw my old pillow straight in the trash.

Where To Start

After digging around the internet for hours, I found countless studies from around the globe that showed you need the right amount of loft on your pillow, while remaining breathable and plush (while supportive), to ensure a full night’s rest. So I needed a pillow that I could clean often, that would stay cool, and one I could count on to fit my multiple sleeping positions.

So what did I find? The answer is actually quite simple... Sleepgram

The Pillow That Is Selling Out Everywhere

After looking high and low for an inexpensive yet quality pillow I found Sleepgram. Their pillow has a super high grade cotton outer shell with zipper that has two inserts inside full of premium long strand microfiber. Also, the Sleepgram Pillow's design looks amazing! The outer shell is SO soft, but also machine washable so I can clean my pillow and keep the inside fibers intact. Every time I wash a whole pillow it just becomes lumpy and gross, so this pillow I just wash the outer part like a duvet cover and it is good as new. The ultra thin fibers inside are up to 1/10th the thickness of a human hair, so they promote a lot of air flow so I never get that hot spot I always hate with my other pillows. However, the real game changer is how the Sleepgram pillows are adjustable to 3 different loft and firmness settings. You can leave both inserts inside for a firmer high loft pillow, you can pull the small insert out for a medium soft/loft level, or you can pull the medium sized insert out leaving the small insert inside for a lower loft (flatter) pillow that is super soft and fluffy.

WHICH PILLOW REIGNS SUPREME? As you already know, not all pillows are created equal. You might be amazed at the quality of Sleepgram after sleeping on some of their competition.

The Competition

After looking at all the different options out there I came to realize a few facts about pillows. The nice ones seem to be at least $60-$120 or more like MyPillow or the quality down pillows available, They are mostly made from foam, which tends to heat up, and other cheap synthetic materials, and they are all one-size-fits-all, as well. The Sleepgram Pillow is only $79.95 for 2 pillows (using link below, normally $99.90 on website) and comes totally adjustable so I can try out which softness and loft setting I like most! I actually thought I really liked big firmer pillows when in reality I liked the softer less loft setting that seemed to make me sleep like a rock which I had not felt in forever. I literally do not remember the last time I slept this well, and honestly spending 8 hours on a pillow every night makes it a sound investment everyday. I told my whole family that a great pillow is worth every penny and the Sleepgram is by far the best.

Over the past decade I have spent countless amounts of money on all kinds of bedding products and nothing has made a huge difference in my quality of sleep, until now! I would highly recommend anyone to pick this pillow up. To a bedding lover like myself, this pillow has proven to be a real treat to own. I am excited that Sleepgram can introduce the ultra-luxury market to a whole new group of consumers who would have never considered a pillow's quality in their purchasing decision. Sleepgram is the true answer to your sleep problems.

Today, I am delighted about Sleepgram's pillows. I've been really wanting to get my sleep and allergies in check. Had I not taken action, I am certain I would have regretted it forever. I left a link below with Sleepgram's best deal, which you can use to try out for yourself. I really am speechless with how much these changed my life, they ship really fast too!

Sleepgram Pillows


Carleen Sovig, age 53 says, "The best night's sleep I have ever had; no tossing or turning and waking up!"

"... Sleepgram is the absolute best product I have ever used for sleep. I thought my days of sleeping like a teenager were long gone. I can't thank you enough for this!"

Carleen Sovig
San Francisco, CA

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"I bought a pair of pillows for the master bed. No less than 2 weeks later, I had all 3 bedrooms equipped with Sleepgram pillows! I felt so guilty about my daughter's old pillow that I had to get more while they were still on sale."

Maryam Azwell
Austin, TX


"For the first time in forever I am finally rested when I look in the mirror every morning. I haven't felt this great in decades!"

Kristen Bails
Boulder, CO


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