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Cotton Pillowcase (2-pack)

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Sleepgram Silk Pillowcase

Perfect Skin & Hair | Extra 20% OFF

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Cotton Silvadur™ Sheet Set


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Contour Knee Pillow

Knee & Spine Health | Extra 20% OFF

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Sleepgram Mattress Protector

No Unwanted Stains | Extra 20% OFF

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Bamboo Sheet Set

Cool & Soft

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Sleepgram Silk Pillowcase





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About The Product

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-bed head.

  • 100% Mulberry Silk, 22 momme weight
  • Visible difference in complexion within 7 days or your money back
Shipping, Warranty & Returns

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-bed head.

  • 100% Mulberry Silk, 22 momme weight
  • Visible difference in complexion within 7 days or your money back

No Morning Wrinkles

Our zero-friction technology minimizes facial folding, so you wake up with no morning wrinkles.

Sexy Shiny Hair

Using 22 momme silk, moisture stays in your hair, not in the pillowcase.

Cooling Sleep

Top grade 6A silk conducts and disperses facial heat better than cotton, keeping you cool all night.

Cleaner Skin

Less friction means less skin dying, helping you wake up with a glowing complexion.

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Why Choose Silk by Sleepgram?

Silk is better for your hair. Fewer split ends and less essential oil loss means your bedhead will beautiful.

No More Split Ends

Hydrates and protects hair

Cotton & Polyester tug and dry hair your hair causing breakage. Sleepgram's frictionless silk keeps your hair shine and on your head.


Softens Complexion

Our silk's frictionless properties won't fold your face over in your sleep like cotton, so you wake up with less morning wrinkles.

Stay Moisturized

Friction-free comfort.

Sleepgram silk won't destroy your skin's natural, moisture barrier. Stay hydrated all night.

Get better sleep today - guaranteed!

Science in Anti-Aging

Soft and Hydrated Skin

We use only the highest, dermatology-grade silk to keep our pillow cases friction free. The silk we use is popular among supermodels and folks who wanted the softest pillowcase in the market.

Zero Friction

Silk is better for delicate skin and hair. Sleepgram protects your skin from damage, wrinkles and blemishes.

Luxury from the ground up

Here’s what makes our silk so special

22 Momme

Momme is the thread weight of the silk. 22 momme is the perfect weight + flexibility to not crease facial skin like cotton/polyester, so less sleep wrinkles form.

Grade 6A

True 6A is the highest score given to less than 1% of silk, no defects and dermatology grade. A cooler + softer material on your face means less irritation + redness.

100% Mulberry

The natural mulberry leaves is what gives the silk its anti-friction properties. Reduced friction for your hair, means fewer split ends and perms that can last 3x as long.

Get better sleep today - guaranteed!

Time To Try Silk?

Let’s Compare


Other Pillows


Blended Silks

The less pure, the more friction. More friction, more problems.


100% Double-Sided Silk

100$, 22 momme, grade 6A, Mulberry silk. Purest on the market.


Dermatology Grade

We take our silk so seriously for beauty, we consulted with dermatologists for what silk was best for anti-aging properties.


Subpar Quality

When you compromise on silk quality, you're compromising on the health of your skin and hair.


100-Night Guarantee

If you don't completely love sleepgram after sleeping with it for 100 nights, we'll take it back. No questions asked.


No-Return Policy

Most silk brands aren't confident enough to accept returns after you've slept with their product. Cowards.

Get better sleep today - guaranteed!

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Check out our FAQs for even more information.

  • What material are Sleepgram Silk Pillowcases made from?


    Sleepgram Silk pillowcases are made from luxurious Mulberry, 22 Momme Silk. 22 Momme is considered the perfect balance between softness and quality, and what you should be looking for in every Silk bedding product.

  • How do I care for my Sleepgram Silk Pillowcase?


    We recommend spot cleaning or machine washing with cold water and tumble dry low with low heat. Avoid strong detergent, bleach, high heat, or fabric softener.

  • What dimensions are Sleepgram Silk Pillowcases?


    Standard: 21" x 28", King: 21" x 35"

  • What benefits do Silk Pillowcases provide?


    Sleeping on Silk is proven to be beneficial for your skin and hair, better retaining the essential oils that give you your shine. In addition to being silky soft, Silk Pillowcases also minimize messy bed head in the morning!

  • Are Sleepgram Silk Pillowcases hypoallergenic?


    Yes! Sleepgram Silk Pillowcases are made from 100% Mulberry Silk and are hypoallergenic, keeping your skin moisturized and hair smooth all year long.

Over 1 Million Satisfied Zzz’s

Enjoying luxury every single night.

Pretty In Pink

Bought this with a discount when purchasing pillow for my husband. Perfect shade of pink. Material is amazing. Comfortable and stays cool.

- Veronique H.


This pillow case feels so luxurious against my face and I just can't get enough. I'm a side-sleeper and I feel like I wake up with less of those embarrassing skin creases.

- Victor

Wonderful Pillow Case!

I was thrilled when I opened the box on my beautiful pillow case. I felt so luxurious I could hardly wait to go to bed. I slept like a baby that night and every night since.

- Donna R.

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